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Ohio vs. Hampton Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Frank Solich:

 On what is was like to see the team post a shutout in the opener:

"Yes, it's very pleasing. At first the yards were tough to come by, but our offense was able to keep itself on the field by making first downs. I think it was a wear-down effect— that's the way it usually is if you having a very good running game and the plays get a little bit better in the third and fourth quarter. I was pleased with the running game and our linemen, I have to go and watch the film but, I think they did pretty good job up front. I thought we all ran hard and had showed some explosiveness at times, so it was good to see us getting reps to really all of those guys. I felt good about the running game, but obviously we're going to have to get better at it."

On how A.J. Oulette did:

"We'd like to see him get into the end zone, of course, but I didn't even think of that. It was great, first of all, to be able to see him play the game and to show really no signs of injury and for him to respond as well as he did. Obviously, he is back to his old self and I think that is very encouraging to the rest of the guys on the team. Whether you're talking about the offensive linemen or your seniors, seeing him back and operating the way he is lifts everyone up."

On the defensive performance:

"We were very good against the running last year and at least through this game we were very good again at stopping runs. We are going to face teams that have stronger runningbacks and obviously we'll find out more as we go down the road."

 "When the game starts to get out of hand like that and you're playing everybody on your football team and you're putting guys in that haven't had a lot of reps together, there's not a lot of coordination. In that situation, there are not a lot of points to be put on the board as they did; I thought it was very punishing."

On the depth of the younger players:

"I think we have a lot of potential for depth right now. We need to build depth for the future, but obviously the more depth you have, the easier it becomes in these kinds of games. What helped us was the offense was able to stay on the field as long as they did. That gave our defense a break and we didn't have to worry about shuffling too many guys. That was a great plus for us."

"You have to have that if you are going to be a winning football team. We have some very strong opponents ahead; there will be a lot of tough football. When you have guys who do respond, especially the younger guys, it is very encouraging. I think it gives you an opportunity to start to feel a little more confidence and for the younger players to have a little more confidence in themselves. Hopefully that will help them become better football players in a short period of time."

On using this momentum in the next game:

"I'd like to be that kind of team. I think it always serves you well if to be that kind of team. It's important to be able to throw it when you want; I think we can have a good throwing game this season. We've got two quarterbacks right now who are both throwing the ball well. We're making pretty good decisions; we're got a good group of receivers; if we can continue to improve our running game and get the finer points to the passing game going in our direction I think we can play some very good offensive football."

On the quarterbacks:

"I thought they were both very composed. They operated our offense with a good tempo and made good decisions on the field."

On Nathan Rourke's debut:

"We wanted to get the running game going so we kept pounding it and ultimately get that going at a higher level than where it started. He makes good decisions, too, and he's a good running quarterback. He had a couple of sharp, crisp passes and a couple he'd like to take back but all in all I want both of those guys to be able to operate on their own and make the reads they need too. Right now they are doing a pretty good job of that and they will continue to improve."

On the quarterback performance:

"It's pretty difficult to get through the season with one quarterback not getting at least a little banged up to where it's tough for him to function at a high efficiency. Playing two and getting reps in with both guys, that's what you're looking for. Right now we're working at building two guys to be able to operate our football team. That was a good first day."

On the scoring:

"It was good. Things can get a little sloppy in this kind of game and we played a ton of guys. It's difficult to keep scoring and not have a couple of turnovers that can turn the game into a mess from a coach's perspective. Maybe you'll win, but it still won't feel like a good game overall. I thought there were enough guys who did enough good things throughout the course of the game that I was satisfied with the outcome."

On staying focused for next game:

"Well, that won't be difficult. They were zeroed in for tonight's game."


Cleon Aloese, Defensive Line:  

 On losing players on defense:

"We lost a couple of guys, but like it's time for our young players to step up on the field and learn something."


Cameron Odom, Wide Reviever:

On playing in his first game:

 "Today just going into the game it was an exciting moment. I was trying to sleep last night just thinking about the game but after the first play my nerves were calm, I just went out there and just played. All the guys around me were making sure my head was right, that was it. Visualizing the game, just being excited thinking about the plays I was going to make. That's what I usually do going into preparation for the game is just visualize that's what coach said to do. Just visualizing positive things and not thinking about the negative."

On Elijah Ball:

"He told me to just go out there and play. He told me he was going to be watching me, cause he's home for his surgery right now; you know he knows that I can do it. We talked about playing together, he just told me to go out and ball, that's all he said."

On coming out after the half:

 "We just knew we wanted to put up more points, we wanted to prove that we're a young offense, but we wanted to prove that we can put up a lot of points this year and that's one thing that we struggled with last year, kicking a lot of field goals. We wanted to make sure that if we're in the red zone punching it in. Going into the locker room and talking to coach Izzy and coach Dixon, they asked us what we saw that was open as far as the defensive touches that we were getting and we went out there the first two plays of the game, we threw the ball so that would carry over for us and keep progressing in the whole second half."


Julian Ross, Runningback:

On the game as a whole: 

"Offensive line did their job. They did what they had to do for us, go out and do what we're here for. They definitely helped us do what we can do by what they do. I tried to just keep it mellow. Stay the same, same person, just stay there and play the game, set the bar higher, and keep accomplishing goals."


Nathan Rourke, Quarterback:

On his take away from the game:

"A lot of positives. As he said the offensive line was really pushing them around, so they made it quite easy to do a lot of certain things. There's always things that you've got to work on, I had two balls I threw in the dirt, so it will be fun to watch on film tomorrow, we'll have to work on that, but there's a lot of good things to take away from it too. I mean we keep putting in an effort like we did, we got to be happy." 

On how it felt to play in his first game:

"It was kind of a blur, and I tried to enjoy it as much as I can. It was great, you know. If you asked me what I imagined my output from this game I probably wouldn't have said three touchdowns on the ground, but it was great. Just, again, to get a team win like that and to have a starting point for the season and really gained a little bit of confidence."

On what it's like to get minutes:

"I think, you know, just running out of that tunnel for the first time, with smoke and the band and all the people and stuff like that, that really culminated a crazy journey to get to this point. So it was just great to get out there and kind of get into the rhythm of things, and yeah hopefully this is just building blocks for the future, and we'll just kind of build off of this. 

On the speed option:

"The coaches kind of going into this game, we knew that we were in all the hatches and were in the middle of the field. It was the optimum way we really wanted to kind of exploit and just the way we were playing it. We knew it was something we could get into and obviously that was the game plan by the coaches."