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Ohio Wrestling Drops Dual with Kent State, 18-13

Ohio Wrestling Drops Dual with Kent State, 18-13

ATHENS, Ohio – The Ohio wrestling team (2-6) suffered a tough 18-13 loss to longtime Mid-American Conference rival Kent State (11-6) on Friday evening (Jan. 19) in the Convocation Center.

"I thought Naples and Kelly both wrestled a heck of a match," said head coach Joel Greenlee. "I thought Parker, you know, went out there and had a pretty gutsy performance; a guy who's trying to do nothing and sneak one at the end, we ended up holding our own. So that was good. The rest of the weights— we have some work to do. We got to coach a little bit harder, I guess. We don't look like we're in the kind of shape we need to be in. The good thing is we have this weekend, we have a week and a half off, we've got some time to do something and we maybe get something done in that week and a half."

125 – Trevor Giallambardo vs. Jake Ferri
At 125-pounds Ohio redshirt freshman Trevor Giallambardo (Gaylord, Mich.) dropped an 8-4 match to Kent State's Jake Ferri. Giallambardo landed the first takedown of the match at about the 1:45 mark of the opening round. Ferri escaped about 15-seconds later and landed a takedown off a double-leg to take a 3-2 lead. After a quick escape to start the second, Gialambardo got taken down with about 45-seconds left but got out shortly after before being taken down as time expired. The third round was active but neither wrestler scored points, Ferri picked up an extra point with 1:16 riding time.

133 – Cameron Kelly vs. Anthony Tutolo
Ohio junior Cameron Kelly (Bellbrook, Ohio) earned Ohio's first win on the night after facing Kent State's Anthony Tutolo in the 133-class, taking a 16-3 major decision victory. In the first period, Kelly earned a takedown right away to lead 2-0 early on before Tutolo scored an escape to shorten Kelly's lead to 2-1 in the first. Kelly earned a two-point takedown shortly after, but Tutolo hit another escape before the first period ended to bring Kelly's lead to 4-2 going into the second period. Tutolo landed a one-point escape to start the second period and Kelly responded with another two-point takedown to increase his lead to 6-3 at the end of the second period. In the third period, Kelly started the period with an escape before earning a two-point takedown followed by a four-point near fall to lead 13-3. Kelly hit another two-point near fall to increase his lead to 15-3 before he added a point for riding time to take the match 16-3 in a major decision win for the Bobcats.

141 –Mario Guillen vs. Time Rooney
At 141-pounds, redshirt freshman Mario Guillen (Perrysburg, Ohio) dropped an evenly-matched outing against Kent State's Tim Rooney. In the opening round there were several tie ups but it ended at 0-0. Rooney scored a point off an escape in the second frame and Guillen a point off an escape to open the third. Rooney hit a two-point takedown with 1:40 left in the match and Guillen escaped but couldn't land a takedown of his own before the final bell. 

149 – Nick Vestal vs. Chance Driscoll
Ohio redshirt freshman Nick Vestal (Wilmington, Ohio) faced Kent State's Chance Driscoll in the 149-class. In the first period, Vestal earned a quick takedown to lead 2-0 early in the match, Driscoll responded with an escape to lessen Vestal's lead to 2-1 at the end of the first period. Vestal started the second period with an escape to increase his lead to 3-1, but Driscoll got a takedown of his own to bring all scores to 3-3 before the third period. Driscoll started the third period with an escape to take the lead for the first time in the match at 4-3 and ultimately took the decision win for the Golden Flashes.

157 –Cullen Cummings vs. Casey Sparkman
Ohio redshirt senior Cullen Cummings (Woodridge, Ill.) dropped a 7-3 decision to Kent State's Casey Sparkman. In the opening round, Sparkman hit a two-point takedown and rolled Cummings into a two-point near fall. Cummings escaped and went deep for a double-leg takedown but time expired before he could finish it. Cummings started the second round down and escaped after about 10-seconds but Sparkman hit another takedown with around one-minute left in the frame. Cummings escaped but Sparkman led 6-3 at the end of the second. Cummings started on top in the third and rode for 1:15 before Sparkman escaped with around 45-seconds left in the match to set the final score at 7-3.

165 – Joe Terry vs. Issac Bast
Next, Ohio redshirt freshman Joe Terry (Pickerington, Ohio) took on Kent State's Issac Bast in the 165-class. After a few stalemates, the first period went scoreless. In the second period, Terry earned an escape to lead 1-0 before Bast landed a two-point takedown, but Terry quickly responded with another escape to bring all scores to 2-2 at the end of the second period. Bast started the third period with an escape followed by a two-point takedown to take a 5-2 lead. Terry would hit an escape, but it would not be enough to prevent Bast from taking the 5-3 decision win.

174 – Arsen Ashughyan vs. Dylan Barreiro
At 174-pounds Ohio redshirt junior Arsen Ashughyan (Vanadzor, Armenia) dropped a 5-3 decision to Dylan Barreiro from the Golden Flashes. Barreiro got a single-leg takedown off a trip in a scramble in the opening frame but Ashughyan was able to escape. In the second Barreiro hit another takedown after escaping the opening position, but Ashughyan escaped. Ashughyan escaped to begin the third and pushed the pace trying for multiple takedowns but wasn't able to hit one before time expired.

184 – Hunter Yeargan vs. Colin McCracken
Ohio redshirt freshman Hunter Yeargan (Willard, Mo.) represented Ohio in the 184-class where he would face Kent State's Colin McCracken, earning Ohio's second win on the night. In the first period, Yeargan landed a two-point takedown to lead 2-0 going into the second period. Yeargan got an escape in the second period to increase his lead to 3-0 before the third period. The third period began with an escape by McCracken to cut Yeargan's lead to 3-1. McCracken earned a takedown in the third period to bring all scores to 3-3. Yeargan got an escape in the final seconds of the third period to take a 4-3 decision win.

197 – Aaron Naples vs. Kyle Conel
Ohio freshman Aaron Naples (Brunswick, Ohio) hit a takedown with just 10-seconds left in the match to take a 6-4 win over Kent State's Kyle Conel at 197-pounds. Naples hit a takedown quickly to open the match and rode Conel for 1:10 before Conel escaped. Conel then hit a quick takedown in the second after an escape from Naples in the opening position. Naples got another escape to take a 4-3 lead. Conel escaped the opening frame quickly at the beginning of the third. Conel and Naples scrambled and fought for position before Naples sealed the win with the last-second takedown.

HWT – Zack Parker vs. Stephen Suglio
Ohio redshirt junior Zack Parker (Felton, Del.) took on Kent State's Stephen Suglio in the final match of the day at heavyweight. The first period went scoreless. Parker got an escape in the second period to lead 1-0 going into the third. Suglio got an escape to start the third period making it 1-1 all. Parker quickly responded with a two-point takedown to take the lead again at 3-1 before Suglio got another escape to make it a 3-2 decision win for Parker.

125 – Jake Ferri (KENT) dec. win over Trevor Giallombardo (OHIO), 8-4
133 – Cameron Kelly (OHIO) maj. dec. win over Anthony Tutolo (KENT), 16-3
141 – Tim Rooney (KENT) dec. win over Mario Guillen (OHIO), 3-2
149 – Chance Driscoll (KENT) dec. win over Nick Vestal (OHIO), 4-3
157 – Casey Sparkman (KENT) dec. win over Cullen Cummings (OHIO), 7-3
165 – Issac Bast (KENT) dec. win over Joe Terry (OHIO), 5-3
174 – Dylan Barreiro (KENT) dec. win over Arsen Ashughyan (OHIO), 5-3
184 – Hunter Yeargan (OHIO) dec. win over Colin McCracken (KENT), 4-3
197 – Aaron Naples (OHIO) dec. win over Kyle Conel (KENT), 6-4
HWT – Zack Parker (OHIO) dec. win over Stephen Suglio (KENT), 3-2