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Ohio Wrestling Suffers 29-9 Loss to CMU

Ohio Wrestling Suffers 29-9 Loss to CMU

ATHENS, Ohio – The Ohio wrestling team (1-5) suffered a tough 29-9 loss to Mid-American Conference rival Central Michigan on Sunday (Jan. 7) in McGuirk Arena.

125 – Trevor Giallombardo vs. Drew Hildebrandt
In the opening match of the dual, Ohio RS freshman Trevor Giallombardo made would suffer a 15-2 major decision loss to CMU's Drew Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt would start the match with a quick two-point takedown before heading into the second. In the second period, Giallombardo would earn two points while Hildebrandt added six to his total to lead 8-2 going into the third. In the third period, Hildebrandt would earn a four-point takedown to increase his score along with a point for 2:40 of riding time and would ultimately take the win, 15-2.  

133 – Cameron Kelly vs. Dresden Simon
At 133-pounds, Ohio junior Cameron Kelly would give up an early takedown in the first period and would trail 6-0 halfway through the first period. Kelly would come back in the next two periods with an escape and a takedown followed by a near fall to lessen Simon's lead. Kelly would make the ultimate comeback with a pin to earn an 8-6 comeback win over Simon.

141- Mario Guillen vs. Mason Smith
Redshirt freshman Mario Guillen (Perrysburg, Ohio) would face CMU's Mason Smith in the 141-class. The first period would start with three takedowns from Smith to lead 6-0 going into the second. Guillen would earn an escape in the third period, but it wouldn't be enough to defeat Smith who would earn another point for riding time, taking the match 7-1.

149 – Kade Kowalski vs. No. 3 Justin Oliver
Ohio redshirt sophomore Kade Kowalski would start the match against third-ranked Justin Oliver with a quick takedown to lead shortly before Oliver earned an escape followed by a takedown to lead 3-2 in the first period. Oliver would soon earn a pin in the first period to take the match 3-2.

157 – Nick Vestal vs. Blake Montrie
Nick Vestal would face CMU's Blake Montrie in the 157-class, suffering a 5-3 decision loss. Early in the first period, Montrie would earn a quick two-point takedown and Vestal would respond with an escape to make it 2-1 going into the second period. Vestal would begin the second period with another escape to tie-up all scores at 2-2 before the third period. In the third period, Montrie would choose the bottom to start, earning a quick escape for a point and the 3-2 lead. Montrie would then earn a quick takedown where Vestal responded with an escape to make it a 5-3 match.

165 – Joe Terry vs. Logan Parks
Redshirt freshman Joe Terry (Pickerington, Ohio) would face CMU's Parks in the 165-class. To start the match, Terry would earn a quick takedown but Parks would quickly earn an escape and a takedown of his own before the period would end to lead 3-2. In the second period, Terry would tie up the scores at 3-3 with an escape before the third period would begin. The third period would start with a takedown by parks followed by a quick escape from Terry to make it 5-4 with 30 seconds to-go. Parks would earn the 5-4 decision win.

174 – Arsen Arshughyan vs. No. 14 CJ Brucki
Redshirt junior Arsen Arshughyan (Vanadzor, Armernia) would face CMU's CJ Brucki in the 174-class. The match would start with a quick escape followed by a takedown to lead 3-0 early in the first period. Brucki would then earn a near fall for two more points to lead 5-0 before Arshugyan recorded a quick escape to make it 5-1 going into the second period. In the second period, Arshugyan would be aggressive with a takedown quickly followed by a two-point near fall to tie up all scores at 5-5. Brucki then would earn a point for an escape making it 6-5 going into the third. In the third period, Brucki would earn two points on a reversal to increase his lead to 8-5 before Arshughyan recorded an escape to bring it to 8-6. Brucki would make his final move of the match with a takedown to make it a 10-6 win for the Chippewas.

184 – Hunter Yeargan vs. No. 14 Jordan Ellingwood
Redshirt freshman Hunter Yeargan (Willard, Mo.) would face CMU's 14th-ranked Jordan Ellingwood in the 184-class. Ellingwood would quickly earn a takedown to start the match followed by a two-point near fall to lead 4-0. Ellingwood would then earn a four-point near fall before the first period ended to lead 8-0. To start the second period, Ellingwood would earn a quick reversal for two points to increase his lead to 10-0 going into the third period. Yeargan would start the third period with a quick escape to lessen Ellingwood's lead to 10-1. Ellingwood would then respond with a takedown to put him up 12-1 followed by a quick escape by Yeargan to make it a 12-2 match. Ellingwood would earn another point before the match would end to make it a 14-2 match with riding time for the Chippewas.

197 – Aaron Naples vs. Jordan Atienza
Freshman Aaron Naples would face CMU's Jordan Atiencza in the 197-class. Atienza would start the match with a takedown to lead 2-0 early on. Naples would respond in the second period with an escape, but Atienza would quickly earn a takedown to make it 4-1. Before the period ended, Naples would earn another escape followed by another takedown by Atienza to make it 6-2 going into the third. The third period started with a takedown by Naples to make it 6-4 before Atienza added an escape and a point of riding time to his total to take the match 7-4.

HWT – Zack Parker vs. Matt Stencel
Redshirt junior Zack Parker (Felton, Del.) would face Matt Stencel in the 285-class to end the day's action. The match would start with a takedown by Stencel to lead 2-0 after the first period. Parker would respond with a quick escape followed by a takedown to earn a 3-2 lead in the second period. Parker would earn a 4-point near fall to increase his lead to 7-3 before the third period. Stencel would earn an escape to start the third, but Parker quickly responded with a takedown to lead 9-3. Stencel would earn another escape to lessen Parker's lead to 9-4, but Parker would earn the win with an added point for riding time at 10-4.

125 – Drew Hildebrandt (CMU) def. Trevor Giallombardo (OHIO), Maj. Dec. 15-2
133 – Cameron Kelly (OHIO) def. Dresden Simon (CMU), Dec. 8-6
141 – Mason Smith (CMU) def. Mario Guillian (OHIO), Dec. 7-1
149 – Justin Oliver (CMU) def. Kade Kowalski (OHIO), Fall 1:20
157 – Blake Montrie (CMU) def. Nick Vestal (OHIO), Dec. 5-3
165 – Logan Parks (CMU) def. Joe Terry (OHIO), Dec. 5-4
174 – CJ Brucki (CMU) def. Arsen Arshughyan (OHIO), Dec. 10-6
184 -  Jordan Ellingwood (CMU) def. Hunter Yeargan (OHIO), Dec. 14-2
197 – Jordan Atienza (CMU) def. Hunter Yeargan (OHIO), Dec. 7-4
HWT – Zack Parker (OHIO) def. Matt Stencel (CMU), Dec. 10-4