Men's Basketball

Jeff Boals

Head Coach

Lamar Thornton

Assistant Coach

Steve Snell

Assistant Coach

Kyle Barlow

Assistant Coach

Jake Ness

Director of Operations

Drew Crabtree

Graduate Assistant

Phone: 593-1956

Evan Shang

Graduate Assistant

Phone: 593-1956

Brenda White

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 593-1956

Annika Bailey

Associate Athletic Trainer (Soccer, Men's Basketball, Men's Golf, Women's Golf)

Phone: 593-1206

Sara Legarsky

Director of Communications (Football-Credentials, Soccer, Men's Basketball, Women's Golf, Softball)

Phone: 597-1837

Dr. Fred Soliman

Team Physician

Dr. Sergio Ulloa

Team Physician

Jared Azar

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Phone: 593-2923

Sarah Meade

Academic Coordinator (Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Field Hockey)

Phone: 566-0149

Jason Farmer

Associate Athletic Director - Facilities

Phone: 597-1398


Director of Facilities and Operations

Ryan McFann

Director of Equipment - Convocation Center

Phone: 593-1205