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Ohio vs. Bowling Green | Post Game Quotes

Ohio Head Coach Frank Solich

Opening Statement:
"I think our guys played very well today. It might have been the first four quarter ball game we played at this level. That was really good to see. I thought all three units did some excellent things. Offense, defense, and special teams, as you go through it all they played a complete ball game. Bowling Green came in with a tough situation. Their head coach had been fired and Carl taking over in the middle of the season like that is tough, I feel for them on that end of it. Hopefully they'll be able to rebound and play well as the season goes on."

On players being relaxed postgame:
"They had a good week of practice so I think they really expected to play well. I don't know about them being subdued or not, but we obviously look back and know we could have done some things better at times to help ourselves out. That's in the past. We are moving forward now. I think they just accept wins in a manner that you saw. They don't get overly excited about it, but don't mistake that as they don't love playing the game. They played hard, and that's the true indicator that a team enjoys what they're doing"

On adjustments with the running game:
"We really got started right at the beginning. We thought we had a chance to have a good ground game when we went in there. I don't think we're a satisfied football team, we aren't satisfied yet in terms of us playing to our potential all the time. Obviously this was a great win. Homecoming weekend was a great crowd, I appreciate the people showing up. It is great to win and we are excited but we are not a team that shows that great excitement. If you were in the locker room post game you would have seen a completely different group of guys with excitement."

On being comfortably up towards the end of the game:
"Yeah that was a little different this year. It's a great deal and a good deal. We got the chance to play a lot of players today so that's good for those guys too. I was really happy to be able to get Quinton (Maxwell) some snaps and many of the other guys who help make the football team what it is but don't always get a chance to play. We are going to go into a difficult stretch now with three games in 13 days. This next one is going to be tough with four days in between this game and the next one. We're on the road. We did that a few years ago against Toledo and we won that game, so I think we know how to prepare for those kinds of games. We are going to be playing a very good football team so we'll give them some rest right now. But tomorrow they'll be getting treatment and having a team meeting and then we move on Monday with an abbreviated practice routine."

On pass rushing:
"I think we are finding out that we're a good football team, especially when we move. Whether you're talking about foreman, stunts, interior stunts, between the lineman, a linebacker, or a defensive back, we have a lot of things now where we can attack the defense with movement by our players. That has helped us."

On junior defensive lineman Cole Baker:
"I think he's adjusted to our system. It's his first year here and he's like our team. He's getting better and better each game. He's always shown the ability to have really great bursts, quick movement, smart player, tough player. He can grow in that position."

On getting back into the groove of being successful
"I think obviously as coaches this is the team that we wanted to have on the field. It's not all their fault that there were a few games that slipped away from us. They've kept a great attitude, there has been great leadership on this football team, and despite the few tough moments we've been through, they marched on. They move forward. That's the sign of a really good football team."

On junior quarterback Nathan Rourke's growth:
"He's always shown us great ability. Whether that has been at practice or in game. That comes from throwing the ball, his percentage was probably really good today. He went 8-for-12, and he threw 90% this year for completion percentage. We all know he can run and he can make people miss. He is very vital to us in that phase of the game.  He's putting it all together now and has remained calm and composed throughout the season. There are times maybe he didn't feel like he got off to the kind of start he wanted but in my mind has always played really well. He's a perfectionist and expects a lot out of himself. He's disappointed if it doesn't come about that way that he plays really well. He expects that out of his teammates too and there's a lot of respect between him and his teammates. He's able to battle through some tough times every now and then and come back to play the kind of ball he's capable of playing."

On redshirt senior wide receiver Papi White's impact:
"We'll have to continue to go to him. He's that kind of a player and he accepts that responsibility. The great thing about him is that he had two throws and nine total catches and that's not a lot for him being a really talented player. The best part is his attitude and demeanor, it's great. He's a great team player. His catches today were big and explosive and it shows what he's all about. We spread things out today for the running and passing game and when you do that you can be fairly difficult to cover. It's not uncommon for them to try to find ways to stop Papi or slow him down a little bit. Even when you're facing that and they're running bracket defense or they're trying to double it, he still has a way of coming up with some big plays for you."

Ohio Player Quotes 

Redshirt Senior Wide Receiver Papi White

On offense:
"For me, I feel like we've have a great team, we just haven't been able to show it. It felt good to be able to show it today." 

On "easiness" of win:
"Yeah, it was simple." 

On the big touchdown play: 
"Well, it was a pass-37 so it was faking-37. I saw the safety go down so my eyes went really big and I saw 22 go to the outside so I stemmed him and ran down the hash and just caught it good." 

On importance of getting a rhythm going:
"It's very important, especially if we want to win a MAC championship." 

On this being the last Saturday game: 
"I honestly didn't even know that." 

On trouble fielding punts: 
"Not really. I've just got to let it go behind me. I have a short memory." 

Junior Quarterback Nathan Rourke 

On running almost 400 yards opening opportunities: 
"It is; they kind of play off of each other. When the runs are going well, it's easier to pass and when the passes are going well, sometimes it opens up a run. We kind of went into this game knowing we needed to establish the run early. It was something that teams had done well against Bowling Green and we knew it was a great game to get our run game back, believe in it and what that did was set up some run action stuff and some big plays in the passing game as well." 

On things falling into place: 
"Yeah, it was a long time coming it felt like. Just like Pap [Papi White] said, we've had some games we haven't played to our fullest potential and some games that we would want back. Today was definitely a game that we felt that we had accomplished more than we had left out there. This is the kind of stuff we expect out of ourselves. Obviously it wasn't a perfect game. There are some things we need to correct, but we're very happy with where we're at and hoping we build off of this."  

On the first drive in comparison to the rest:
"Settling in kind of took a while longer than I wanted it to. Yeah, those are two open guys and they did, but luckily today was one of those days that we were really rolling in other areas so in the grand scheme of things those two overthrows didn't really make much if a difference. It's just some of the things we need to correct."

On the run game: 
"Not a lot changed. I think we've played some very put-in teams and very good against the run teams. We knew, like I said earlier, that Bowling Green kind of struggles in that area so we just wanted to take advantage of it." 

On the fourth quarter:
"I hate to come out of games. I like to play four quarters—no it's good because of the timing of the next game. One of the biggest things about this game was obviously win but also come out healthy and that was throughout the entire team probably did that for the most part. I think it was good to get other people in as well; it's good to get other people experience." 

On wanting to play four quarters:
"It's fun to win." 

Senior Linebacker Evan Croutch 

On defense: 
"We've been waiting for a complete game all year and finally being able to do that, that's how our defense should be and that's how it is every week and we need to bring that. It did feel a lot better." 

On defensive improvements:
"Yeah, I'll have to watch the film before I can really answer that totally, but I feel like we tackled better and communicated well out there. Really, we've been waiting for this complete game and it felt like it happened." 

On the schedule:
"I think we all like playing on ESPN and being televised nationally, but having the short week is tough. It's good that we went up early and could all come out early as well. Really, just getting healthy and getting ready for next week is our main priority." 

On changes in routine for mid-week game:
"School work: you've got to get ahead of it because you're going to miss some school during the week and you're going to get back late at night, so you've got to prepare for that." 

On having chances at a couple more interceptions:
"Yeah, I don't take that lightly. I've got to get better at that. The second one, definitely should have had that. Third one, probably could have had that as well. I've got to be better than that."

Bowling Green Interim Head Coach Carl Pelini

On distractions from last week: 
I really felt like we had a good week of practice. It was an emotional week for everyone. We looked a little flat today. But that's on me to get them ready to play. I felt the energy all week, I thought we had a good week of preparation, but we weren't ready. We didn't put our best performance out there today. I apologize to all the Bowling Green fans for not having my team ready." 

On effort on the field: 
On the field, that's hard to say. Effort is tough to judge this quickly. It's more off of the film. But again, we seem flat—emotionally flat. We had such an upbeat week and such an energetic week. Maybe I'm old enough to understand… maybe I didn't appreciate what a difficult week it was for these guys. And I tried to address it constantly; I tried to bring the energy and try to get them up, but they are young men and it's been a difficult week. A lot of change and it just seems like for whatever reason, I've got to figure it out and get back to work tomorrow." 

On the loss:
"Both sides of the ball -- mistakes, lack of execution, penalties: all the things you can't do against a good team like Ohio. I know I've got my work cut out for us moving forward; we're going to try to fix those things and do a better job when we take the field against Kent State." 

On removing names from jerseys: 
"Yeah. I talked about playing for each other. Playing for the guys in the locker room; playing for the family of the seniors. They were all about it and they liked the decision. It's something they really wanted to do, so we went with it." 

On preparation: 
"Clean up the mistakes. Especially offensively. When we're sharp and when we're executing and when we're assignment sound, we're difficult to stop. It just seems like there's those moments in the game and today was a longer moment than usual. We seem to hurt ourselves; we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot. The holding penalty here, they missed assignment, you know, something like that. As coaches, we've got to figure out why those things are happening and get them fixed." 

Bowling Green Linebacker Kholbe Coleman  

On today's loss: 
"Really, it was just lack of execution. Offense got out early, scoring points, it was just getting complicated—defense just needs to execute and we need to make plays and we just didn't." 

On the matchup with Ohio: 
"We practiced this all week and we just came out there and just misfit a bunch of stuff. We need to, during the week in practice, we need to lock in more and focus on feet and execution. They didn't come out with nothing different." 

On the jerseys:
Really, we're all playing for the name on the front of our jerseys. We're all family. We're playing for each other. We don't play for ourselves. We don't play for the brand on the back we play for the brand on the front. We're all together; we're a unit. That's what that means."

On team's support of this change: 
"We were all behind it, 100 percent. Once Coach said it, we didn't care about the names at that point; we cared about coming back and being a unit again and being a family. This week we actually got closer. I believe we actually were a family despite what just happened, we're still closer this week." 

On a lack of energy: 
"We came out kind of sluggish; I'll say that. That's on our end. We need to come out with more energy and we will next week."