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About Us


Over one hundred years ago, The Men’s “O Association” was created and shortly after that in 1926, the Women’s “Varsity O” was created. They were both strong organizations built upon Ohio Athletics pride and loyalty. In 2012, in attempt to revive the same pride and spirit, the Varsity OHIO program was created.

Ohio Athletics' association for former student-athletes, managers, cheerleaders and trainers.

Structure of Varsity OHIO 
Varsity OHIO offers two memberships. The first is the traditional Varsity OHIO membership. If you are a former student-athlete, manager, cheerleader and trainer you are already a member of Varsity OHIO. The second, and new membership, is the Varsity OHIO Legacy Membership. The Legacy membership is a symbol of Varsity OHIO and how its members helped to build Ohio Athletics during their time here. Through this membership, Varsity OHIO members can now continue building the foundation of Ohio Athletics and its legacy for future Bobcats. 

Varsity OHIO’s goal is to enhance the overall alumni experience by providing opportunities to remain CONNECTED, ENGAGED, and INVOLVED with Ohio Athletics and their specific sport(s).