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Getting To Know: Ohio Volleyball's Tia Jimerson

Getting To Know: Ohio Volleyball's Tia Jimerson


Over the next week, OhioBobcats.com will feature a 'Getting To Know' Q & A series on Ohio volleyball's four true freshmen -- middle blocker Dahlias Bouyer (Brownstown, Mich.), setter Vera Giacomazzi (San Vendemiano, Italy), middle blocker Tia Jimerson (Sugar Hill, Ga.) and libero Macy Reihing (Lexington, Ky.).

#15 Tia Jimerson
Middle Blocker
Sugar Hill, Ga.

Who is your volleyball mentor or inspiration?
"My volleyball mentor would have to be my club coach, April Carroll. She's been with me since the very first time I ever stepped into a gym, when I showed up in glasses, jean shorts and Converse trying to learn how to play volleyball. She's been there ever since. She's kind of like another mother to me. She always pushed me harder than anyone else. I can got to her still to this day for anything, ask her for anything. She'll always be there for me. She just makes me a better player and a better person in general."

What motivates you?
"Just knowing that I'm doing this for a reason. It's for fun, but working hard motivates me."

What is your volleyball mindset?
"Just trying to be better than the girl on the other side of me. Just the competitiveness."

Why do you play volleyball?
"I like that it's a compeitive sport, but you stay on your side of the net so it's not necesarily physical. I like to be able to stay on my side and focus in on the game."

What is your proudest volleyball moment or memory?
"Where I come from, my high school team isn't very known for volleyball, so being able to put us on the map. We'd never made it to elite eight or any of that and being able to be a part of that with my team the last two years I was there was special."

When you hear Ohio volleyball, what do you think?
"Just the excellence of the program. They've been very successful, and I'm very excited to be a part of it these upcoming years."

What do you like about Ohio University and/or Athens?
"It's not necessarily a small school, but everyone really knows each other. Everyone knows the volleyball team, so it's fun to be a part of that."

What is your impression of Bobcat volleyball fans?
"They were lit. They were crazy. I just love that everyone gets so hype and focuses in. It's fun to be a part of that."


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