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Getting To Know: Ohio Volleyball's Vera Giacomazzi

Getting To Know: Ohio Volleyball's Vera Giacomazzi


Over the next week, OhioBobcats.com will feature a 'Getting To Know' Q & A series on Ohio volleyball's four true freshmen -- middle blocker Dahlias Bouyer (Brownstown, Mich.), setter Vera Giacomazzi (San Vendemiano, Italy), middle blocker Tia Jimerson (Sugar Hill, Ga.) and libero Macy Reihing (Lexington, Ky.).

#6 Vera Giacomazzi
San Vendemiano, Italy

Who is your volleyball mentor or inspiration?
"I looked up to a setter, Manuela Benelli. She's one of the greatest setters in the entire history of volleyball in Italy. She is one of my inspirations. Her behavior on the court, how she used to run the game and the way she used to talk to her teammates. She's a very strong personality."

What motivates you?
"I like to do everything well, to be very precise. I just want to improve my skills. For me, it's never enough. I always want to do more."

Why do you play volleyball?
"My cousin asked me if I wanted to try. I was like, 'Yeah, why not?' I'm the kind of person that if someone ask me if I want to try something new, let's try it."

What is your proudest volleyball moment or memory?
"The finals with Volley Mareno, the finals of the province. We won it. We really didn't expect to do that. Also, the national finals last year."

When you hear Ohio volleyball, what do you think?
"For me, the first thing is family. I'm very far away from home, so they are my new family -- my second one. Also, powerful."

What do you like about Ohio University and/or Athens?
"The first time I came here was in February. After three hours, I called my mom, and I was like, 'OK, mom. I want to come here. I want to stay here.' Everyone is very optimistic, and they're always helpful. They want to help you. It's very warm and welcoming."

What is your impression of Bobcat volleyball fans?
"Thanks to videos and what the girls told me, the fans are something absolutely breathtaking. That's probably the impression I had. I have some expectations for them."


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