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Sports Medicine

The primary objectives of the Ohio University Sports Medicine Team are the prevention of athletic injury and safe return for the competitive student-athlete. The comprehensive staff of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for athletic competition. 

Ohio University's athletic training program has been one of the most successful of its kind. The third-oldest curriculum program in the country has produced nearly 350 alumni. Many have demonstrated excellence in their careers working with teams including the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears, MLB's Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, the USOC and universities in nearly every major conference in the country. 

The health care team works with specific professional organizations like the NCAA Medical Safeguards Committee, the National Athletic Trainers Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. Current broad-based endeavors include use of neuropsychological testing for treatment of concussions, managing and evaluating injury patterns and statistics, eating-disorder recognition and counseling for nutritional supplements.

Ohio Sports Medicine Contact Info
Peden Athletic Training Room -- Phone: (740) 593-2872; Fax: (740) 597-3023 
Convocation Center Athletic Training Room -- Fax: (740) 593-1199

Ohio Sports Medicine Team Staff
Dr. Sergio Ulloa, Team Orthopedic Physician

Dr. Fred Soliman, Team Physician

John Bowman, Assistant A.D./Sports Medicine Services (Football, Field Hockey, Cross Country and Track)
(740) 593-2866 | bowmanj@ohio.edu

Annika Bailey, Associate Athletic Trainer (Soccer, Men's Basketball, Men's & Women's Golf)
(740) 593-1206 | ludewig@ohio.edu

Kelly Hockenberger, Associate Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Wrestling and Softball)
(740) 593-1186 | hockenbk@ohio.edu

Chris Miller, Associate Athletic Trainer (Women's Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Baseball)
(740) 593-1195 | millerc8@ohio.edu

Ryan Bohn, Assistant Athletic Trainer (Assistant Football)

(740) 593-0547| bohn@ohio.edu

James Odenthal, Staff Physical Therapist
(740) 597-1677 

Lindsey Merryman, Staff Physical Therapist
(740) 597-1677 

Graduate Assistants

Gillian McCarren: Softball
Alyssa Price: Soccer/Swimming & Diving
Alivia Fink: Field Hockey
Phil Brazelovich: Baseball
Chelsey Meyers: Wrestling
Brandon Parcell: Football
|Kenlynn Carter: Football
Hannah Yeh: CC/T&F